She won @TheTonyAwards for this! #lilabner

07-29-2020 15:03PM via twitter

@screenwriteretc Thx for the kind words. Edie didn’t even audition for the part. At dinner with Wilder he said “A c…

07-29-2020 14:55PM via twitter

Edie’s script for @RnH_Org Cinderella signed by ‘Dick’ Rodgers....why dontcha pick one up, put that in your…

07-22-2020 14:32PM via twitter

Wait! It’s THIS FRIDAY!!!

07-22-2020 00:08AM via twitter

It’s official! Ernie Kovacs is officially a member of the @NJHallofFame! Phew! Thank you to all who voted!

08-05-2020 20:48PM via twitter

@JulieAndrews and her Fairy Godmother. #EdieAdams #JulieAndrews #Cinderella

07-28-2020 15:38PM via twitter

I wonder if @RnH_Org and @playbill know this exists...+ a special surprise inside too! Should we live tweet this “C…

07-21-2020 23:52PM via twitter

Another fun one from Jimmy! Love the publicity photo! It’s Punky! It’s Edith? #calamityjane

08-04-2020 14:49PM via twitter

Oh what a night!

08-04-2020 14:45PM via twitter

@tommychong And Mrs. Stoner...

07-23-2020 17:03PM via twitter

You can’t make this up....#1987 #edieadams #dodygoodman #jamesmacarthur #jonathanfrid #huntzhall #barnabiscollins…

07-26-2020 14:14PM via twitter

Thx to Edie’s friend Jimmy for scanning these and sending them along. From @playboy

08-02-2020 13:16PM via twitter

Screen credit to former comedian turned screenwriter @patproft (Police Academy, Hot Shots, Naked Gun series)

08-02-2020 12:51PM via twitter


08-02-2020 12:47PM via twitter

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - CIRCA 1958: American comedienne, actress, singer and businesswoman Edie Adams (1927-2008), pos…

07-25-2020 10:46AM via twitter

Anyone ever see this film?

08-01-2020 14:03PM via twitter

We were tagged on FB about an upcoming Jonathan Frid documentary & saw this gem from 1987 when Edie, Jonathan & Dod…

07-27-2020 14:25PM via twitter

Where were you Sunday August 25, 1963?

07-20-2020 14:01PM via twitter

That @playboy article we mentioned yesterday? Yeah, it also featured @TheTinaLouise, @julienewmarreal & Carmen Alva…

08-03-2020 13:44PM via twitter

Thx to @Franksantopadre for the heads up on this puzzle! Didn’t know Edie existed in a jigsaw form....#EdieAdams

07-31-2020 16:06PM via twitter
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