Edie Adams Guestbook

Edie Adams Guestbook

Thank you for taking the time to check out the Edie Adams Guestbook. We started this page because we were getting so many emails with fantastic memories of Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams since the launch of our sites that we decided to share them with you all. If you have a favorite memory of Edie, her show, meeting her, meeting Ernie or how a friend or parent or relative exposed you to both Kovacs or Edie– we want to hear it!

Thanks – edieadams.com

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Jeff Gehringer
Please enter me in your contest
May 27 2022 - Usa

Hello Edie!
May 27 2022 - Long Beach, CA

Matthew William Fuller
May 27 2022 - Michigan

Joe Meszaros
Miklos Molnar was here!
May 26 2022 - Dearborn, MI

Brian Kirst
I just found Edie Adams Sings? on vinyl in pristine condition and Ive been enjoying it so much. I also have the Heres Edie box set & watching an episode or two of that always puts me in a good mood. Im excited to be entered in the KL contest, as well.
May 24 2022 - Chicago

Judy paulson
Im a cousinEdie and Mom shared a gggrandfather.
May 24 2022 - New Richmond, WI

Maximillian Jung
Edie Adams is an absolute delight. She brought joy and beauty to the world and shared life and laughter with us all. My favorite Edie moment will always be Rebel Davis from 'Lover Come Back' but her work in other projects showcases just how sensitive, beautiful, and intelligent of a human being she really was. Ms. Adams deserved her star. She earned every bit of it. I only wish we could have seen more - a perfect way to leave an audience who loves you. Thank you for the love and laughs, Edie.
May 22 2022 - Austin, TX

PJ Hall
When I was a kid, I wore out my dad's Broadway cast album of "Li'l Abner". For years I thought my dad was pulling my leg when he said the sexy lady singing out to big spenders on tv was the same woman who played sweet, innocent Daisy Mae. It's a shame she didn't get to play the part on screen.
May 19 2022 - Jackson, Michigan

Barbara Bassett
Fan forever, and from way back!
May 19 2022 - New Mexico

Donnie Stotts
One of my all-time favorite entertainers!
May 19 2022 - Mesa, Arizona

David Kulwin
Loved her movies!
May 19 2022 - Austin, TX

Jim Dudlicek
Monica, let's just forget about the door, OK?
May 19 2022 - Hoffman Estates, IL

Richard Barrios
Always a fan. Always.
May 19 2022 - Formerly Louisiana, then NYC, now NJ

Kels Koch
Just got a copy of her RKO album - wonderful! Beautiful cover!
May 19 2022 - Bozeman, MT.

Jeff Alexander
Edie Adams always added more to a TV show or movie that she was in. A delightful entertainer.
May 19 2022 - Florida

Rebecca Chulew
Always a fan of Edie Adams. Here to show respect and enter the contest.
May 19 2022 - Picayune, Mississippi

bill norris
thanks for posting the contest to give people a chance to view your site
May 17 2022 - Eugene, Or

bill norris
im not sure if the 1st message posted, thanks for the chance to win a contest and view an awesome site
May 17 2022 - Eugene, Or

Stephen Reginald
Hello. Here for The Apartment and Superdome BluRay give-away.
May 18 2022 - Chicago, IL

Christopher Hanks
Loved her and Jack in the Apartment
Edie was a great all round entertainer and its lovely to keep all her memories alive.
May 17 2022 - Essex UK

Jeanne Irwin Hines
Edie's daughter Mia was one of my best friends. Edie was a wonderful person who treated everyone like family.
May 17 2022 - Burbank

William Garver
Hope to see more Edie and Ernie on DVD, Blu-ray, or digital, especially the missing episode of TAKE A GOOD LUCK.
May 15 2022 - DeKalb, IL

Barbara Doss
LOVE Edie!
May 15 2022 - Escondido, California

janet hamilton
the best couple Ever!
May 15 2022 - South IL

Tom Schulte
Thanks for the entertainment!
May 15 2022 - Louisiana

Thanks so much for doing this. There are certain archivist and historians that keep things alive for everybody.
May 13 2022 - Oklahoma

Thank you for a shot at that Blu-ray.
May 13 2022 - ?

Kyle Borcz
Thanks for keeping her and Ernies legacies alive for generations to come!
May 12 2022 - Attica, IN

Terence Hilts
I wouldnt have gotten into checking out Edie Adams other works if it werent for that one film called Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. She was pretty attractive in that film. I also found out that she was also in Love with a Proper Stranger, which I checked out because of Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood.
May 13 2022 - Stockton, CA

Mark Selby
One of the greatest and most underrated voices of the 20th century not to mention a fabulous actor and comedian. Congratulations to Josh and everyone on the Edie web team for keeping her sound alive and thriving online. Anyone reading this needs to watch the Heres Edie DVD set, too!
May 12 2022 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alan Green
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November 12 2019 - USA

robin verzie
a loving fan remembers and loves you
rest in peace
September 21 2019

Nelson Rheem
It is so interesting, Edie (a comedienne) played the only sane person in the hilarious comedy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. She was a beautiful lady from better days in the entertainment industry.
August 27 2019 - Glendale, California (US)

Troy Bellam
Watching you on Stus Show now! I would love the free book!!
March 13 2019 - Mechanicsville VA

Chance Mitchell
The episode of Stu's Show was fantastic. Maybe a future episode could be with the best of Edie's performances in TV and Movies?
March 13 2019 - Anderson SC

art dubin
enjoy stus show. great website.
March 13 2019 - west bloomfield michigan

Rich cushing
Hi. Heard you on Stu's show
March 13 2019 - SE USA

Jeff Alexander
Hi, Josh, I'm a big fan of your mom's. She always gave great performances in all the movies. Plus, I have "Here's Edie" DVD!
March 13 2019 - Stuart, Florida

Arnaldo Rodriguez
I loved watching Edie on television and listening to her sing. She was beautiful and talented. RIP Edie.
January 24 2019 - Florida

Josh Mills
Big news coming soon.keep checking back here folks!
August 15 2018 - LA, CA

David Olson
Love the DVD set!
September 25 2014 - Toronto, Canada

Craig Rhyne
What a talent. The DVD set of her show is fantastic - really shows off how multifaceted she was. That Kings of Comedy LP looks pretty good too!
September 25 2014 - New York City, NY

Love Edie, Love Ernie. Thanks for all you've given us.
September 25 2014 - Stratford, CT

Erin Harmon
Much love from South Dakota!
September 25 2014 - Sioux Falls, SD

Barri Clark
Just loved their shows.

Also mad about Our Man in Havana.
September 24 2014

Steven Kendall
The skits and bits with Ernie are a total crack-up! Wonderful memories
September 24 2014 - Missoula, MT

Ken Love
Thanks for such great memories and all the laughs
September 24 2014 - kona hawaii

George Lopez
This is just a test.
September 23 2014


(out--of-print LP)
September 22 2014 - SW FL

Christine Burnard
Wonderful site :) !
September 19 2014 - Colorado

Brian Benson
Great site!
September 19 2014 - United States

Paul Ross Lambert
I got to work with Edie in a production of THE MERRY WIDOW back in the 80s. She came in as a replacment with very little rehersal time and was a true pro . She was very kind and thoughtful to everyone, and she always welcomed the cast to her dressing room to visit between shows. Thanks for the memories.
September 7 2014 - U S A

Brian Swift
I like to refer to Edie as the Patron Saint of Archivists, for saving Ernie's old shows. But she was a brilliant talent in her own right, & I'm jazzed that her own work is preserved and available. Here's Edie!
August 20 2014

Jim Otey
I always knew Edie was beautiful and a talented singer and actress. I also knew she could be funny on film.

I didn't know how funny she was in everyday life until I was lucky enough to receive a copy of her book "Sing a Pretty Song." as a gift. Ernie was well matched.

My husband and I have even adopted her interior decorating philosophy. (Now you'll have to read the book too so you know what I'm talking about.) xxoo
August 20 2014 - Indianapolis, IN

Ron Smith
Edie and Ernie-- two American classics. Glad to see them both remembered lovingly here.
August 20 2014 - Chicago

Rob Foster
We all miss you, Edie! You, Uncle Ern, Mia, Kippy! Heaven must be a funny, melodious place!
August 18 2014 - Central Valley, California

Dan Lewis
Edie was special.
August 18 2014 - Texas

David Olson
I'm happy to find this website. I've just finished disc three of the DVD set and am enjoying it immensely! Looking forward to more!
August 18 2014 - Toronto, Canada

Alan Ramsey
Great site! Happy to have found it and Ernie's as well.
August 18 2014 - Powhatan Point,OH

Jeff Alexander
I absolutely love the DVD set! And this is a wonderful web site, too!
August 14 2014 - United States

Kevin Evanishyn
I am familiar with Ms. Adams through classic TV clips and Ernie Kovacs. But wow, what a talent!
August 13 2014 - United States

Bill Hall
I am so glad to have found this site! I recently purchased the DVD set of Edie's TV shows.
August 13 2014 - United States

Jeff Butler
Thanks so much for keeping Edie's memory alive with all the recent releases. She was radiant and her talent was amazing. Ernie had terrific taste and she was a saint to look after his legacy as she did.
August 13 2014 - Evanston, IL

Jeff Gehringer
Love the clip of Edie with Spike Jones.
August 13 2014 - Orange County, Ca.

Al Quagliata
I'm listening to "The Edie Adams Christmas Album featuring Ernie Kovacs". Awesome! Even though it's from the 1952, it's timeless!
December 19 2012 - Kovacsland

It's so sad that people like Edie as we see her in the 50's and 60's, have to grow old and usually die of cancer.

She did everything including opera (which she spoofed with Ernie). I saw one beautiful serious performance she did on the Hollywood Palace about 1964. It was on youtube, but they took it off. I looked all over but could not find it. She is number one of the sweethearts who got old and passed. A thanks to the guys who invented movies and video to bring them back to life for a while.
October 4 2011 - New York

I was born in the in the 80's and grew up watching re-runs of classic televison shows thanks to Nick at Nite in the 90's. I remember one particular evening watching the very last episode of the Lucy-Desi Comedy hour, in which Edie Adams and Ernie Kovacs appeared as guest stars. I remember thinking how beautiful Edie was and how beautifuly she sang. And being a little girl at the time I remember thinking how I wanted to be like her when I grew up! I saw the episode several more times as a child and even got to the point where I would pretend that that was me as a grown up.a beautiful, classy singer with a handsome husband.what more could a little girl dream of? Now that I am older I have discovered more of her work and have come to fully appreciate what an incredible talent she was! The little girl inside me still wants to be Edie Adams when I " grow up."
March 21 2011 - Washington State

Ben Model
Edie Adams was a connection for many of us to the golden age of theater and of television. Thanks to her belief in the importance of preserving TV shows, 30 years before most people thought it was a good idea, she still is a link to that golden era. I miss her friendship, warmth, and those long phone conversations. Here's (to) Edie!
February 23 2011 - New York, NY

Sandra Conti
Always loved your work, you and Ernie were the quintessential couple of the 1950's and 60's. As the Tiparillo girl, it was so cool to see this as a kid, never forgot it, but your work was just as important as Ernie's. You are in all of our hearts!!
February 25 2011 - Miami Beach, Florida

John Walling
Edie Adams had the rare qualities of being feminine, lovable, funny, witty, creative, talented, adventurous, vulnerable, smart and strong, all in one person. She was my ideal woman.
February 22 2011 - Seattle, WA

Monica Mackenzie-Vacca
Gorgeous, funny, generous and kind. They don't make them like her anymore!
February 22 2011 - Providence Rhode Island

Al Quagliata
Ahhh, so good to see some class on the internet, a medium in which it is usually lacking. I'm so glad Edie has her own site!
February 22 2011 - United States

Eric Grayson
Three of us sat in Edie's hotel room one night in Kansas. She was running Kovacs material and telling stories. I couldn't hear the shows and I couldn't hear her either. The longer she went, the faster she got. Energy to burn! We all miss her!
February 22 2011 - Indianapolis, IN

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